Purpose of my work is to not only answer all your queries regarding your life but also to reveal YOU to you, assisting you in taking your entire life to a new level. Through astrology along with seeing a blue print of your life, you will also discover what makes you do what you do and what triggers the emotions you often experience.

As your AstroCounsellor, My core job is to remove unnecessary fears and ignite your inner guidance system, your intuition, so that it can navigate you through all the situations presented by life.

Consider Astrology like a help button in your game of life, it can guide you in all facets of life, give you some great tips on your current situation, make you aware of all the powers you were born with.

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Mission Statement: To serve nature and my fellow beings with the divine knowledge of Jyotish (Divine Light) and by being a loving, passionate, powerful, courageous, outrageous, playful, crazy example of the unlimited possibilities that nature gives, when you commit your life to service and focus on contribution.

This website is a manifestation of a dream and an effort to create more awareness and respect for astrology. Lot of people dismiss astrology as a pseudoscience without really understanding how it works. I blame the vague and general daily or weekly horoscopes available in magazines and newspapers which can never be true for everyone, simply because its 1/9th of the truth. Astrology is a study of tendencies. Trends in life of an individual can be foreseen accurately but as a blueprint, what one has to endure and what one can overcome can be understood. Some folks use astrology for predicting events and tell you your future. As an AstroCounsellor, my focus is on empowering my fellow travelers by giving them valid information based on their current situation rather than setting false hope or making them feel bad about their shortcomings. Listing out practical remedies and solutions to assist a breakthrough or a complete transformation.

My journey of Astrology started in the year 1997, when my father changed my name from Varun Verma to Vikramaditya Verma. I was only 14 then and being a curious, cranky teenager anticipating mockery in school for changing my name suddenly, wanted to know the reason for this change. That is when my father explained that "Numerologically my new name adds up to number '1' which is the number assigned to Sun which happens to be the ruler of the Ascendant, Sun Sign and Moon nakshatra I was born in". Until that fateful day, I used to think that my sun sign is Virgo (based on my date of birth and newspaper horoscopes) and now I had my father telling me that I am a Leo. Obviously, at that time I had no clue about what is Nakshatra and Ascendant. Thankfully my father himself was learning astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in New Delhi and had a collection of over 300 books on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Spirituality, hence he became my first Guru of Jyotish introducing me to all its branches like the Parasari, Jaimini, and Nadi Astrology.

Post completion of school, Driven by peer pressure and my own desires, Money and Sex (getting paid and getting laid) became my way of life in the early 20's. Within 10 years, what started as a lifestyle had become a problem. Numerous Failed relationships, Alcoholism, Obesity and frequent job changes due to my own ego problems. I had failed in all departments of my life and needed a change. I went back to astrology to find answers to my questions like WHAT DO I REALLY WANT? WHAT SHOULD BE MY PURPOSE? IS THERE ANY PURPOSE? That is when I came across an old book in my father's library called "AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI" by Paramhansa Yogananda. That book completely changed my perspective about life. It taught me the power on my own mind, how one can fulfill their earthly responsibilities while being a willing instrument of the divine. Hence started the journey of my own transformation on all 3 levels - Body, Mind & Soul.

None of the astrological knowledge that I share on this website is mine, It is originally mentioned in our Vedas (dating back to 1600 B.C to 2000 B.C) approximately 4000 years old. My deep reverence to the seers who left this divine wisdom for us. I am just playing my part in making it useful for my fellow travelers..

In my never ending research of astrology, I read numerous books, met various astrologers, mystics & healers across India, however there are 3 individuals whom I haven't been able meet in person yet but would like to pay my heartfelt gratitude for their valuable contribution in my journey:

Pt. Sanjay Rath - Master astrologer, his book Crux of vedic astrology: Timing of events and numerous lessons on Sri Jagganath Centre were critical for deeply understanding the basics of astrology.

PVR Narsimha Rao - Thank you for freely sharing your astrology software Jagannatha Hora and over 200 lessons on different aspects of astrology (www.vedicastrologer.org) Back in the days when there were no fancy astrology apps for smartphones your software was very critical for checking birth charts, upcoming transits and deep research.

Kapiel Raaj - Thank you for inspiring me to take my passion for astrology seriously. You cannot miss him if you are looking for vedic astrology videos on Youtube.

a reverential thanks to Lord Saturn for consenting to make all this possible.

and of course

I am grateful to my wife Tanupriya for her unconditional love and support. I love you Honey.

Vikramaditya Verma
Astrologer, Counsellor & A lifelong student of Astrology

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