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When I talk to the native whose birth chart I am reading then I am also able to better assess how the combinations are currently working which eventually results in more accuracy and ability to go deeper.

However, if you currently do not want to get a consultation over the phone or Skype then try the Astro-Reading service.

This consultation offers you an 8 to 10 mins audio recording of my assessment of your birth chart based on your current dasha (current time period), Atmakaraka(Soul Significator), Nakshatra, prominent combinations in your chart and many other thing which my intuition might tell me to tell you at the time of recording.

While ordering this service you may also ask 1 question which you would like to get advice on.

This consultation is purely based on your birth details accuracy and the transit of planets at the time of me reading your question (Prasna chart).

I spend 45 minutes to 1 hour studying your birth chart before I record my reading.

Response time (24 hours to 28 days)

You will receive this audio clip via email along with your birth chart in PDF. I prefer gmail email accounts. You may ask 1 question post receiving your consultation for any clarification

With all my services you will also receive your Detailed Vedic Astrology Report (120 to 125 pages) in PDF format for your reference.

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Get An Astro-Reading 3,700.00 INR  

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I hold the right to refuse a consultation for any reason. If I do so, your money would be refunded to you.

Disclaimer: No astrologer can ever be 100% correct. Astrology is a study of tendencies. Trends in life of an individual can be foreseen accurately but as a blueprint, what one has to endure and what one can overcome can be understood subconsciously. Through this divine knowledge one can make an intellectual assessment of what future holds or is likely to hold and also help you take steps to handle them wisely instead of either frustratingly trying to change the unchangeable or fallback in utter defeatism. Mind is cosmic and unlimited. Once you tune into the cosmic mind, there is nothing that the soul cannot acquire or experience.

Like a spiritual GPS, Astrology can guide you to your desired destiny, its YOU who has to make the effort of driving yourself there.

Our discussions and your birth details are kept 100% confidential. I may use the data for research purposes but never reveal your identity without prior permission.