Manifestation of your Dream

Knowing is not enough you must take action.

Choose this option only if you are ready to commit to a lasting positive change in your life. If you choose this option that means that this nature has sent you to me for a real transformation. This service is a series of 9 consultations of one hour each conducted over a period of 9 lunar cycles. So not only do I help in inception of the right seeds in your mind, Like a spiritual midwife also help you with the delivery of a new upgraded you. You will choose the date and time for the first session, post that the date and time of the remaining 8 sessions would be scheduled based on your individual nakshatra and the transit of moon through certain critical points as per your birth chart.

This service involves alignment of all nine planets in your birth chart towards your chosen cause. If you choose this option, certain tasks would be assigned to you at end of each session to help you understand the law of each graha.

Your intensity and commitment towards these tasks would determine the quality of results you experience.

Purpose of this service is also to ignite your own guidance system, developing your own intuition so that you never need an astrologer again.

Use this option if you seek to master all 4 departments of your life :

  • Physical Mastery ( 1st house and lagna lord)
  • Emotional Mastery (4th house and moon)
  • Work life Mastery( 10th house and Saturn)
  • Relationship Mastery (7th house and Venus)

Sometimes if you make one small change it can literally transform every other aspect of your life.

You may choose it directly if your intuition says so although I suggest you to choose this post getting an initial SOUL SURFING Session.

With all my services you will also receive your Detailed Vedic Astrology Report (120 to 125 pages) in PDF format for your reference.

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Manifestation Of Your Dream 55,000.00 INR  

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  • No astrologer can ever be 100% correct. Astrology is a study of tendencies. Trends in life of an individual can be foreseen accurately but as a blueprint, what one has to endure and what one can overcome can be understood subconsciously. Through this divine knowledge one can make an intellectual assessment of what future holds or is likely to hold and also help you take steps to handle them wisely instead of either frustratingly trying to change the unchangeable or fallback in utter defeatism.
  • Mind is cosmic and unlimited. Once you tune into the cosmic mind, there is nothing that the soul cannot acquire or experience.

Like a spiritual GPS, Astrology can guide you to your desired destiny, its YOU who has to make the effort of driving yourself there.

Our discussions and your birth details are kept 100% confidential. I may use the data for research purposes but never reveal your identity without prior permission.