One Hour Phone Consultation

60 minutes of Soul Surfing!!

Have questions about your life?

Together we go deeper into understanding who you are at a Body, Mind & Soul level. Answering all your questions based on your Birth Chart and Current Transits.

Please opt for this service if:

  • 1. You are a spiritual seeker and wish to know more about who you are and what kind of challenges you are likely to face in life
  • 2. You have questions about your career or would like to know which profession suits you best based on your birth chart
  • 3. You are feeling the blues, you wanna ease your mental agony
  • 4. You have been procrastinating life for a long time
  • 5. You are unable to decide and seek astrological counsel or a motivational push
  • 6. You want to know when love will happen in your life, what kind of individual you attract or get attracted to (Venus placement and Nakshatra reading)
  • 7. You wish to know the powers and talents you were born with
  • 8. You don't really believe in astrology but would like to try
  • 9. You lack self confidence and have fear for your future

Few Questions which I do NOT answer :

  • 1. Will I ever get married? I will share the timings when love may happen in your life, will it culminate in to marriage or not, I do not bind myself with that karma.
  • 2. Will I be a millionaire or not?
  • 3. I do not do horoscope matching for marriage

With all my services you will also receive your Detailed Vedic Astrology Report (120 to 125 pages) in PDF format for your reference.

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  • No astrologer can ever be 100% correct. Astrology is a study of tendencies. Trends in life of an individual can be foreseen accurately but as a blueprint, what one has to endure and what one can overcome can be understood subconsciously. Through this divine knowledge one can make an intellectual assessment of what future holds or is likely to hold and also help you take steps to handle them wisely instead of either frustratingly trying to change the unchangeable or fallback in utter defeatism.
  • Mind is cosmic and unlimited. Once you tune into the cosmic mind, there is nothing that the soul cannot acquire or experience.

Like a spiritual GPS, Astrology can guide you to your desired destiny, its YOU who has to make the effort of driving yourself there.

Our discussions and your birth details are kept 100% confidential. I may use the data for research purposes but never reveal your identity without prior permission.